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Baseline study in Benin






Baseline for the Batonga Foundation's actions to promote the emancipation of adolescents and women


Empowerment – Girl’s and women's rights – Gender

Scope of Baseline study in Benin

The Batonga Foundation is an international organization that has been working for over twenty years to promote the rights of adolescent girls and women, and to achieve greater social justice. With the extension of its interventions into new communities, the Batonga Foundation has commissioned a Baseline to establish reference values and improve the intervention approach and strategic framework, with a view to greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Methodology of Baseline study in Benin

Armel Oguniyi, Founder at ar-mel led the mission as the lead researcher. The mixed (quantitative and qualitative) research method was used in an active, participative and inclusive way to ensure that all actors were taken into account. To reach the different elements of the target population (adolescent girls and women), a four-stage stratified survey was chosen. The evaluation was carried out in five municipalities, namely Bohicon, Savalou, Zogbodomey, Natitingou and Boukoumbé. Through surveys, semi-structured interviews, focus groups and literature reviews, the study objectives were achieved.

Outcomes of Baseline study in Benin

The baseline enabled us to obtain data on various themes in the study areas for the Foundation’s various programs. The recommendations formulated at the end of the study will enable the intervention approach and strategic framework to be improved, with a view to greater effectiveness and efficiency. The various current approaches and strategies, if implemented in the new communities in the same way and reinforced, can help to significantly improve the current level of indicators, which is low overall when results are observed.

Other Assignments

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