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Final evaluation in Benin






Final evaluation of the Projet de Renforcement de la Performance du dispositif communautaire d'Accompagnement à la Jouissance des Droits de l'Enfant à PARAKOU (PRP-CAJDEP)


Child protection – Education – Gender

Scope of Final evaluation in Benin

The PRP-CAJDEP aims to contribute to the children’s right to education in a protective environment. Specifically, it aims to improve the level of completion of basic education or vocational training of children in school or learning. The project is being implemented in the Borgou department, and specifically in the municipality of Parakou. The aim was to carry out a final evaluation of the PRI-CAJDEP and to measure (assess, verify, give meaning to and interpret) the changes produced by the project’s action on all stakeholders.

Methodology of Final evaluation in Benin

The methodology adopted for this evaluation is participatory and involves the various project stakeholders. In its implementation, the Utilization-Based Evaluation Approach was adopted to guarantee the usefulness of the results to be obtained. In the same way, a mixed research approach (qualitative and quantitative) was adopted to ensure a comprehensive analysis of the various prioritized evaluation criteria. Armel Oguniyi, Senior Evaluator and Founder at ar-mel directed the assignment as the Lead Consultant.

Outcomes of Final evaluation in Benin

Evaluation of the project revealed that it had brought about a number of positive changes in the lives of the project’s beneficiaries. Children are now aware of their rights and duties, and are able to work to protect themselves and their peers. The moral guarantors are now aware of their roles and responsibilities in their children’s schooling, and know the value of school. The legal guarantors, in particular the mayor’s office, have made a commitment and set aside a budget line dedicated to the protection of children in the commune.

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