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Baseline study


République Centrafricaine (RCA)




Baseline of “USAID’s People to People Activity project”


Conflict Resolution – Peacebuilding – Social cohesion

Scope of Baseline study

USAID’s People to People activity aims to reduce inter-community tensions and armed group violence by equipping young peacemakers with the skills to implement awareness-raising initiatives that promote social cohesion in the Mbomou and Haut Mbomou prefectures, in the east of the République centrafricaine (RCA). From this perspective, this project baseline study serves to identify relevant data that will facilitate the monitoring of project indicators, the definition of the project’s monitoring and evaluation system, the identification of hidden or underlying flaws that could impact on access to or participation in the project, and give indications on the best approach to adopt for the management of sensitive subjects in project activities.

Methodology of Baseline study

To achieve this elucidation, the study’s methodological approach was surveyed according to the theoretical and practical requirements of conducting project-based evaluation studies. The Active Participatory Research Method (APRM) was used to conduct the research and draw conclusions in collaboration with stakeholders at various levels. The approach was mixed through quantitative and qualitative components to better define the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices relating to peaceful cohabitation (social cohesion) and peace-building. A gender and social inclusion perspective in the development of tools, the identification of participants in the various consultations, data collection from target groups, data processing and analysis, and reporting. The evaluation questions were approached and analysed through the prism of gender in conflict dynamics. This study was directed by Armel Oguniyi, Founder at ar-mel as the lead consultant.

Outcomes of Baseline study

 The results of this baseline show that the sensitivity of the project’s intervention context to gender and conflict is heightened by political crises and conflicts, as well as by RCA’s cultural context.  Knowledge, attitudes and practices relating to social cohesion and peacebuilding are extremely weak. In view of these realities, recommendations were made for the rapid restoration of security and peace through appropriate implementation of the project. 

Other Assignments

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