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Capitalization study






Capitalization study « CORIM project modeling »


Security – Conflict Resolution – Peacebuilding – Social cohesion – Child Protection

Scope of Capitalization study

The overall aim of the project to support the prevention of violent radicalization in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania – CORIM was to contribute to the stability of the Sahel-Saharan strip, to the security and resilience of the Mauritania population, particularly its youth. This capitalization process was part of a specific project objective, with the aim of to model the approach employed by the aforementioned project so that it can be replicated in other regions and localities of Mauritania by Expertise France or other actors operating in the GRP sector.

Methodology of Capitalization study

The capitalization work explored the methodological axes used in implementing activities. The project’s four main target areas in Nouakchott (Riyad, El Mina, Toujounine and Arafat) as well as other other regional target areas (Atar and Kaédi). The methodology used to carry out the mission was a qualitative, participatory and inclusive approach, involving all stakeholders at all levels. The mission drew on secondary data through review of available project documents and primary data through individual interviews and direct observations in the field. Armel Oguniyi, Senior Evaluator and Founder at ar-mel was team leader of the group of experts who carried out the research. 

Outcomes of Capitalization study

Through an inclusive, local approach that brought PRV actions closer to beneficiaries and the general population, the CORIM project’s objectives were achieved.

In addition, Expertise France implemented an integrated approach, proposing a multi-sectoral intervention, including religious, economic and social aspects. This approach made it possible to address the issue of PRV from several dimensions (education, gender, governance, etc.). The experience of the CORIM project could help to improve the conceptualization of the work of institutional, community, CBO and CSO stakeholders through critical reflection on the approaches used.

Other Assignments

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