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Good practices analysis in Benin






Lessons learned and good practices documentation of the “Projet d’appui à l’amélioration des conditions de vie et d’apprentissage des enfants et jeunes travailleurs en mobilité dans les marchés de Dantokpa, Port de pêche et de Ouando”.



Alternative Education - Child Protection - Vocational Training

Scope of good practices analysis in Benin

 Educo Benin implemented this one-year pilot project through local NGOs (IFMA, ASSOVIE, AFDB) operating in the sector. The final evaluation of the pilot project aimed to analyse lessons learnt and good practices promoted by the project. It helped to compile lessons learnt by the implementing organisations and beneficiaries groups. The evaluation covered the markets of Dantokpa in Cotonou and Ouando located in Porto-Novo. It also targeted the Port de pêche situated in Cotonou.

Methodology of good practices analysis in Benin

Using right-based, participatory and qualitative methods, the evaluation team collected and analysed both primary and secondary data. For primary data, methods used included KIIs, FGDs, River of Life (ROL) activities and Most Significant Change (MSC) analysis. In addition, the team completed the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) analysis for in-depth assessment of the project. The stakeholders consulted shared experiences, good practices and lessons learnt during the project pilot.  Children, youths, NGOs staff, Local government bodies, community members and more were the key groups of stakeholders consulted. For the secondary data, an extensive document review generated insightful information that supported the analysis. Armel Oguniy, Senior Evaluator and Founder of ar-mel directed the assignment as the Lead Consultant.

Outcomes of good practices analysis in Benin

The lessons learnt and good practices enabled Educo and its partners to make decisions related to the project’s scaling up. Assessing the relevance of the project in urban settings provided an understanding of success and risk factors. The analysis highlighted life stories of children demonstrating the changes occurring in their lives because of the project. Other important pieces highlighted included the benefit of the synergy of actions among stakeholders as promoted by Educo Benin.

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