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Impact Evaluation in Mali and South Sudan


Mali, South Sudan




Impact of the armed conflict on children in Mali and South Sudan.


Conflict - Peacebuilding - Social Cohesion - Child protection

Scope of Impact Evaluation in Mali and South Sudan

The ‘Integrating Child Protection within the African Peace and Security Architecture’ (ICPAPSA) project considered child participation as vital. The overall goal of the project is to enhance the capacity of the APSA to prevent, respond to violence against children. The intended outcome is that children affected by armed conflict contribute to decisions of AU, Regional Mechanisms, and Member States. The objectives of the Evaluation were to engage children affected by armed conflict to share their experiences. It aimed to obtain their recommendations on policies and processes affecting them at local, national and regional levels. It also included capacity building for CSOs working for or with children in mainstreaming child participation principles in their work.

Methodology of Impact Evaluation in Mali and South Sudan

Evaluation Expert Armel Oguniyi joined the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD) as research associate for the assignment. The team implemented a child-centred, participatory qualitative research approach adapted to the context of conflict. With the children, qualitative instruments included the visionary tree, social mapping, the river of life and the FGDs. As for adults, the semi-structured interview guide was the tool used. Data analysis included descriptive, logical, and inductive approaches and QSR Nvivo helped for coding and themes categories identification.

Other Assignments

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